The Occupation of a Reseller

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Simply put the occupation of a reseller is to resell products and services. They purchase products and services not for personal consumption or use like a customer but to resell to other customers. They may be companies or individuals who carry on the occupation of reselling products and services. With the advent of the internet a new type of occupation for a reseller evolved. Internet services started selling their services through a reseller or resellers rather than marketing their services through a marketing department. Two types of internet services resellers exist. One type acts as a marketing agent for a partner internet service. This type of reseller is paid a commission for each service package sold by the company or service through the reseller. The other type of reseller is similar to the retailer of the real world. They purchase internet based services and resell the service to customers. This type of reselling gives greater marketing power and service packages can be modified combined and sold at a price set by those who sell under a private label. A range of internet services are sold by resellers. Services sold through them include software domain names web hosting services ebooks products from ecommerce websites and search engine optimization. A reseller does not require any special qualification or licence to resell products and services. They should however should be capable of hard work and possess good marketing skills to persuade customers to purchase products and services offered by the seller or sell the products and services offered by them if they sell under a private label. Becoming as reseller is a profitable occupation because of the enormity of the internet market and the economy of investment. There are many reputed internet service companies that offer reseller programs and encourage internet marketers to sign up to start reselling their products and services. These internet service providers also provide support to them so that they can effectively market their services. Independent private label resellers can make a profit because they have independence in their marketing strategies. Becoming the reseller of internet services today has become one of the most profitable occupations online.